Dressage Clinic With Rafael Soto

Dressage Clinic With Rafael Soto

Dressage Clinic with Rafael Soto


This is a seven night, six day dressage programme that culminates with four private dressage lessons with Olympic Silver Medalist, Rafael Soto.

Guests will be immersed in the day to day riding and training that goes on at Epona. It’s a great chance to get a real feel for the sensitive Andalusians and Iberian horses, and to learn more about them.

Depending on your ability, you will get the chance to feel many of the advanced dressage movements, such as Passage, Piaffe, Pirouettes, Flying Changes and, of course, Spanish Walk.

This programme includes six group lessons (group lessons are typically made up of two to three riders of similar level) and two lunge lessons, all designed to help you get the most out of your four private lessons with Rafael Soto.

During your stay with us we also include cultural excursions to the heart of Seville, to view a flamenco show, and the world famous horse show in Jerez entitled “How the Andalusian Horses Dance” all whilst staying in one of the most beautiful medieval towns in the world.

This programme offers an unrivalled combination of six shared dressage lessons, on highly trained Spanish horses, two lunge lessons and four private lessons, with the world esteemed Olympic silver medalist , Rafael Soto, all alongside the culture and heritage that makes the Andalusian region of Spain so special.

This is a unique programme that will not be found anywhere else.

This programme is only run over pre-set dates and has a maximum number of five riders per clinic. As a result, early booking is highly recommended.

Our weight limit for this programme is 80kgs.



Who is this programme for?


The ‘Dressage Clinic with Rafael Soto Programme’ is ideal for riders who have an elementary understanding of dressage to advanced dressage riders.

Rafael is not only a superb rider and trainer of horses, but he is also a highly skilled teacher of riders. Rafael has a great eye for detail, he knows all the Epona horses extremely well, and his positive teaching style brings out the best in all his riders, regardless of their current abilities.

This programme is designed for those who have a great passion for Dressage and who want to progress their ability and understanding in a safe and supportive environment.

Typically, our ‘Dressage Clinic with Rafael Soto Programme’ riders are adults, with no upper age restriction, who are passionate about learning more about Classical Dressage

Many participants have visited us before, often on our Trail and Training or Intensive Dressage programmes.

Many others are first time guests to Epona, who want an unrivalled dressage experience and who have a desire to take their pleasure or competition riding and knowledge to the next level.