Top Tips for Riding in Winter

Top Tips for Riding in Winter


Here are some of Equestrian Escapes Top Tips for riding in Winter, for horse owners and horse riders alike! 

1) Ice ice baby - once we’re in the thick of winter avoiding routes where there is known to be water or icy patches is safest for you and your horse.

2) Layer up - it might seem obvious but making sure you are wrapped up properly is essential for enjoying winter riding. Nobody likes frozen toes!

3) Clip and rug - keeping your horse warm and dry with a weather-appropriate rug and clipping to make sure sweat dries faster is key. 

4) Keep moving - your horse needs to keep going in the winter, so even if it’s a short schooling session or popping over a few jumps, an active horse is a happy horse. 

5) Darker mornings and evenings -  high-vis clothing and accessories for you and your horse are especially important if you are riding out in winter. 

Hatty Scaramanga

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