Dreaming of Tarifa

Dreaming of Tarifa

Amazing scenery, fresh salt sea air what could be more tranquil than riding across the golden sands of a beautiful beach, be it in the rugged natural quieter beaches of North Devon or the sunny soft hot sands of Tarifa in Spain. Here are just a few reasons and beautiful places you definately have to have on your horse-riding bucket list.

Many people dream of riding a horse along the beach, with their hair flying in the wind and the waves crashing around them, feeling a great sense of freedom. With our fantastic selection of beach riding holidays, you can make this dream a reality.

Tarifa´s extensive chain of white sandy beaches provides an ideal spot for an ocean side ride.

Visit Bournemouth for an unforgettable experience on one of the nicest beaches in the UK with long sandy beaches and fantastic views.

Explore North Devon's stunning landscape and ride along the beautiful coastal paths and clean beaches, there’s no better way to experience its outstanding natural beauty than to be riding aside the crashing waves.

Beach riding is a totally different experience to riding in the country; the beach surface is always flat, so if you’re cantering you’re aware that the going is always very good because the sand is always pretty much the same consistency, so the horses can get a bit of a toe in and bounce off a little bit, which in turn allows the horse to be more confident and have a much more relaxed and enjoyable ride.

Horse riding holidays on the beach are a must whether you are an experienced rider or if it’s your first time.


Chessy Harvey-Kelly

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