The Best Sports Bras For Riders

The Best Sports Bras For Riders


According to Horse & Hound, most riders want a better bra, a recent study has found, while having “too big” breasts is a major factor preventing women from riding. Here at Equestrian Escapes, we have the solution in the form of fitness clothing brand Yoga Pants. 

The research, led by Dr Jenny Burbage and Lorna Cameron, follows on from their previous findings that breast pain is putting some women off riding.

The pair set out to establish the impact of bra design, fit and breast size in female riders.

Out of the 1,324 women who took part, 75% wanted an improvement in bra support, style and fit for riding. A quarter of participants also reported one or more breast-related barriers to riding.

“This is the first research to specifically explore breast health issues and bra concerns in horse riders and the results highlighted the need for more consideration in bra design for this group of women,” said Dr Burbage.

“Many horse riders were dissatisfied with their current bras, the breast was often a barrier to them riding as often as they’d like to, and breast education levels were low.

The top request from participants who wear a size D-cup or above was “need better support”, this was followed by “better style” with “better fit” in third.

Across all bra sizes, 44% said their current underwear did not fully meet their needs.

A total of 19% of larger breasted riders reported that they were embarrassed by excessive breast movement and 15% did not like the look of their breasts while they exercised.

“Breasts too big” was also cited as the fourth highest barrier to riding — above the cost of taking part in equestrian sport.

Ms Cameron said the results establish riders are “dissatisfied” with their current bras.

Well here at Equestrian Escapes we have the answer. Yoga and fitness clothing company Yoga Pants, was set up in 2016 by former athlete Hatty Scaramanga. She created the brand after noticing that many people who specialised in disciplines such as riding, running, yoga and pilates were complaining about ill fitting bras when practicing their sports. The bras and sports tops Hatty designed are extremely confortable while offering substantial support for cup sizes A-F, UK sizes 8-18.

Hatty designs the bras with no seams, wires or irritating lables . She recommends the wild thing and wanderlust bras for maximum support.

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