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Horse Riding Tips on Riding equipment and footwear

In order to get the very most out of your riding holiday we recommend that you consider a small investment on purchasing the correct kit, especially if you are planning to continue riding after your holiday. 

Riding equipment and footwear

While riding hats are available at our stables, for your own comfort if you own your own fitted hat we advise you to bring it. Footwear is also important, you should wear a closed shoe or boot preferably with a small heel. Please note trainers or wellies are not acceptable as they are flat soled and can slip through the stirrup.

In Spring, Autumn and especially in the summer months, it can get very hot abroad, so to avoid feeling sweaty and sticky all the time, try to stick to natural fabrics, especially cotton. There are many fantastic new products on the market, including full cotton seamless underwear, which is a blessing for long trail rides. Don't forget about fine cotton socks, too.

Trousers - Of course, nothing beats the comfort and protection that proper cotton breeches or jodhpurs afford for riding, but if you don't intend to ride much after your holiday, you can get by with cotton tracksuit bottoms or leggings.

Tops - Should be fairly fitted, and it is better to have at least half sleeves for protection to the shoulders against sunburn or low hanging branches on the trail riding holidays. Even in the summer, they are just as cool and for the ladies, are much more "supportive" and comfortable so you can concentrate on learning in your classes. If you come in winter, it's good to bring tops you can wear in layers, T-shirts, sweatshirts and vests. Sometimes it is quite cold and suddenly it gets hot, so it's good to be able to add or subtract quickly.

Travel Light
Don't think you need to lug a huge suitcase around airports and train stations. The dress on our riding holidays is very casual, even for the visits, jeans and T-shirts or a summery dress, are fine. Most of the riding holidays have a laundry facility too, so you don't even have to pack too many riding clothes

Equestrian Escapes Riding Levels

At the time of booking we ask you to give an indication of your riding ability, weight and height.

Please be honest! This is so we can ensure we can match you to a suitable holiday, riding programme and horse.

We have rides for more experienced riders and those for beginners too. Some of the rides will operate in 'experience' groups so you will be neither held back by beginners or taken totally out of your comfort zone.

If you are not sure how to categorise your ability you can email or call us for advice. There will be someone here who has been on the rides. We can talk through the holidays and be sure you are choosing the right riding programme.

Beginner - Describe yourself as a beginner if you have literally just started to learn to ride and have been on a horse less than 5 times – we assume you will have not learnt to rise to the trot or gained balance on a horse. We have plenty of riding holidays to help you improve your riding and confidence. Most of our riding centres will accommodate complete beginners but if you want to accelerate your riding skills an Adult intensive break in Cheshire is recommended.

Novice - A novice rider will have had a number of lessons and can walk and do rising trot and even a wobbly canter! Maybe you can ride but have had a setback and are a nervous rider. Choosing the ride that is right for you is the key decision for an enjoyable and safe holiday. 

Intermediate - Plenty of riding over a number of years, you can walk, trot and canter and are competent at all these paces – if you are confident riding a horse in an open space, over varied terrain you will be able to enjoy the majority of the rides on our website.

Experienced - Confident controlling a forward going horse in an open space. All paces ridden in a balanced position. Capable of covering rough terrain at a fast pace. All our rides will be suitable - you may even want to look at some of our classical dressage clinics in Spain or closer to home with a dressage break in Cheshire.


Riding Abroad with Equestrian Escapes

There are many inexpensive flights available throughout Europe and we keep a close track on which ones offer the best service and the best value for money. Please contact us and we will gladly advise you on the best flight for you.

Car Hire
Car Hire tends to be inexpensive in Europe and you can often get great deals whilst booking your flight. We can help you with car hire too, alternatively we can organise taxis for you although if you are doing a lot of moving around car hire will be more cost effective.

You will need a full passport to enter Europe.

Most of our horse riding holidays include transfers from the airport local to that particular ride. We can also organise to collect you from other airports in the region although this may entail an extra cost.

Financial Security
Equestrian Escapes is AITO bonded; this means that your money is totally secure. The cost of our rides are the same as if you'd booked direct, but with the extra security, firstly that the holiday has been checked and secondly, that your money is safe. 

Special dietary requirements
With advanced warning we can cater for most dietary requirements, please make sure you let us know before you travel.



Horse Riding Tips on Insurance

Travel Insurance is mandatory for all clients travelling abroad on our riding holidays and customers must demonstrate that they have adequate cover. Equestrian Escapes can no longer sell insurance due to changes in the governments regulations. However, we can send you a link to the company we used to use.

Safe Riding
The Director of Equestrian Escapes is BHS qualified and previous to setting up this company she worked for the BHS. When she travels abroad to check out all these rides her main priorities are the welfare of the horses and riders!

We inspect all the horses in our horse riding holidays to ensure the best quality holiday for you.

Inspection of Rides

We check out all the rides that we feature and inspect all the horses that you will riding. We only include rides where we are sure that the horses are well treated and the stables meet with the Director's high expectations. We have rides for more experienced riders and those for beginners too. Some of the rides will operate in 'experience' groups so you will be neither held back by beginners or scared to death!


Holidays in UK

We have a programme of holidays based in Cheshire and UK, these holidays are open to those with or without their own horses (children, dogs, bikes and walkers are also welcome). At the moment we are expanding the horse riding holidays that we offer in the UK to give our customers more choice of venues in the UK.

Holidays for families
Some of our holidays are geared towards families and others are suitable only for adults. For many people who book with us it is important who else is on the ride and because our holidays are mostly small groups we can often give you a good idea of who else will be with you.

Non-riders / beginners
Many of our holidays are suitable for beginners and novice riders; however if your partner really doesn't want to ride then we can direct you to a holiday where there will be lots of other things to do such as walking, fishing, biking, swimming or sights to see. On these holidays we can offer a reduced rate for non-riders.

Travelling Alone

Many of our guests choose to travel alone in fact practically all our holidays are absolutely ideal for people travelling on their own. You will have the chance to meet like minded people, who love horses on our equestrian holidays!

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