Ride In Majestic Malaga

Ride In Majestic Malaga

Easter Special – Improve Your Riding In Majestic Malaga

Improve your equestrian skills and confidence around horses in the gorgeous hills of Malaga. You will be offered a mixture of lessons and trail rides under the careful guidance of our excellent instructors and see significant improvement in your riding capabilities during your stay. There is instruction for beginners and also instruction available for more experienced riders to try some high school movements on well trained Andalusian horses.

Sue Wolk, from andalucia.com tells us a bit more about these infamous Andalusian Horses. ‘The world's most aristocratic equine population owes its fame to the Andalusian horse, along with the Arab and, much later, the Thoroughbred. Its history goes back long before the birth of Christ - to 200 BC, at the time of the Roman Conquests in and around Spain. Roman writers praised the native Spanish horses' qualities, which were recognised by Spain's Moorish conquerors, who naturally cross-bred them with their own Arab and Berber breeds.

The manes of mares are usually clipped in Spain; only the stallions are allowed to display the full splendour of theirs. About 50 per cent of Andalusians are usually grey or white, the rest being bay or black. Chestnuts or piebalds are excluded from the stud book.


These attributes are combined with a fiery intelligence, strangely at odds with it's affectionate and docile temperament. It is considered to be the ideal haute école parade and carriage horse. It is perhaps somewhat surprising, therefore, that its presence outside Spain is not more widespread today.’

For the treks there are a variety of different routes available, some longer and some shorter, we make every effort to tailor your riding experince  especially for you! The 2-3 hour rides include a visit to our local bar to enjoy a well earned drink and tapas; you will pass through the National Park which is a treasure, the pine trees offer shelter from the sun in the summer months. Early morning or evening rides are a must in July/August. Returning to the hacienda there is plenty of opportunity to canter through this area of natural beauty. In the evening you will be dining with your fellow guests and hosts in the chapel lounge. All meals are prepared from fresh local produce or from their own garden.

Here from some Equestrian Escapes customers on their trip to Malaga

"Thank you so much for your help in organizing this brilliant holiday.  I am returning refreshed and inspired to continue improving my riding abilities."

‘’Well we returned back from Malaga two weeks ago and today has been the first day I’ve been able to talk about it as I miss it so much.

What a truly magnificent place with wonderful people and fabulous horses.  I felt compelled to write to you and let you know. 

We had an amazing week starting with our accommodation, it was clean bright quiet and cool and were made to feel at home the minute we arrived. The hosts were very accommodating and interesting people who truly love their animals. And the staffs were always on hand to help. The pool and its surroundings were nothing less than 5 star and so comfortable and relaxing with staff regularly enquiring if we needed anything.

As for the horses I've never ridden horses that are so independent and well trained. It was a fabulous place to learn new things with horses that teach you to ride correctly and an instructor who's knowledge was second to none.  There is nothing worse than having horses nose to tail just following the horse in front. My experience with horses is quite high but ive never learnt so much in such a short space of time. 

We hacked out through the beautiful countryside of olive groves and grape vines and then had an invaluable lesson every evening.

I can't thank them enough for the experience and we most definitely will be returning even just to re-home one of the many rescued puppies.’’

A truly amazing experience.


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