History Of Mane and Tail Braiding

History Of Mane and Tail Braiding

Horses are majestic, noble animals who are also highly intelligent and very sociable. These characteristics (along with their general usefulness for travel or labor) led to a long and fruitful relationship with humans, who have been breeding horses for a very, very long time. In that long history, we came up with some interesting grooming techniques for the horses.

Braiding a horse's mane or tail is a practice that dates back centuries. As horses became the primary mode of transportation, braiding or plaiting their mane was a way to prevent it from getting excessively tangled up and/or getting ensnared in items like a soldier's musket. It's also a great way to preserve the health of the horse's hair.

One location you can see horses with exquisite braiding and presentation at the Golega National Horse Fair. If you love Lusitanos, traditions and a true cultural experience, then the breathtaking event is ‘must see’ for you. Held in a charming historic town called Golegã, often known as Portugal’s Capital of the Horse, this spectacular annual horse festival is quite literally an unforgettable event.

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Article Source : https://www.wimp.com/a-brief-history-of-the-popular-trend-of-horse-mane-braiding/


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