Horses are good for the soul

Horses are good for the soul

Horse Riding is good for the soul……………

Some people enjoy a good yoga session to open the lungs, stretch the limbs and free the mind.  Others find that walking through an undisturbed natural landscape offers a great release. However, we would advocate that horse riding offers both of the above and more, adding in a wonderful animal to help you to connect with the earth, while stimulating the senses.

Our horse-riding holidays offer you a complete escape from the normal daily routine allowing you time to recover and repair both physically and mentally. Our intensive riding breaks in Cheshire offer riders the opportunity to participate in the grooming and tacking up of the horses.  Here you learn to watch for signs from the horse, to start to understand the way to touch and handle your horse and to communicate without words.

For those wanting to progress further our dressage break focuses on your balance and breathing, essential to maintaining rhythm and cadence at all paces.

If you prefer to find your inner peace from nature then we would suggest riding through the stunning and uplifting scenery of The Brecon Beacons National Park. Here you will find well trained horses, inspiring local guides and breath-taking scenery in an unspoilt environment.

For those wanting to blow the stress of everyday living away, our beach ride in Pembrokeshire may be just the ticket. With riding for all levels along undiscovered beaches, you can contemplate the vastness of the ocean as the waves splash around your horses’ hooves.

Horse riding has long been associated with well being, so make 2019 the year that you tune your own rhythm of life into that of one of God’s chosen creatures – the majestic horse.


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