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Are you Fit to Ride? 15/11/2016
Sarah Caplan
Are you Fit to Ride?

There has always been a strong connection between horse riding and fitness, after all horse riding itself is a form of exercise. Core strength is what’s required to really feel the connection between yourself and your horse. The stronger your core is the more correctly and effectively you use your leg, seat and hand aids to communicate with your Read More »

Fit to Ride 10/11/2016
Sarah Caplan
Fit to Ride

Equestrian Escapes have teamed up with a new and exciting yoga and fitness wear brand Yoga Pants

Yoga-Pants is a yoga and fitness apparel company for women and men. Founder, Hatty Scaramanga saw a gap in the market for great value, fast fashion active wear that was affo Read More »

Hacking out this Autumn 27/10/2016
Sarah Caplan
Hacking out this Autumn

Whether you want to ride your own horses or someone else’s the UK has some of the most spectacular hacking on offer! Below you will find some of our favourites:

Our top picks for those without their own horses -

Cheshire. Cheshire is one of the most picturesque counties in Britain; it is situated Read More »

Hoof Camp Portugal 24/10/2016
Sarah Caplan
Hoof Camp Portugal

We have been working with Katharine in Portugal now for 4 years. When she came to us last December with her ‘Hoof Camp’ idea we were in no doubt that it would be a huge success – riding, relaxation, exercise and healthy homecooked food to start the year off is surely top of everyone’s New Year’s resolution Read More »

Who’s getting excited for Your Horse Live 2016? 30/09/2016
Sarah Caplan
Who’s getting excited for Your Horse Live 2016?

Your Horse Live is THE UK’s largest equestrian shopping show, with four dedicated shopping halls all undercover. Over the two days Your Horse Live welcomes a whopping 22,000 visitors!

The show will take place on the 12 and 13 November at Stoneleigh park in Warwickshire. It covers everything equine and hosts Read More »

All you need to know about Natural Horsemanship 29/09/2016
Sarah Caplan
All you need to know about Natural Horsemanship


Q. What is natural horsemanship training

A. Natural Horsemanship is a philosophy of working with horses based on the horse’s natural instincts and methods of communication, with the understanding that horses do not learn through fear or pain, but rather from pressure and the release of pressure. 


Q. Where Read More »

Horse Riding Machu Picchu 28/09/2016
Sarah Caplan
Horse Riding Machu Picchu

I could have found lots of reasons why I shouldn’t take up the offer to ride to Machu Picchu in Peru. The obvious one being the distance from home, but even as I composed my ‘how kind of you to offer me such a wonderful opportunity but unfortunately I will sadly have to Read More »

Breaking News - Horses CAN communicate with us at a higher than previously thought intellectual level! 27/09/2016
Sarah Caplan
Breaking News - Horses CAN communicate with us at a higher than previously thought intellectual level!

Horses have joined a select group of animals that can communicate by pointing at symbols.

Scientists trained horses, by offering slices of carrot as an incentive, to touch a board with their muzzle to indicate if they wanted to wear a rug. The horses' requests matched the weather, suggesting it wasn't a random choice. Read More »

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