Charlotte Dujardin has five golden rules for improving paces

Walk and canter are the two most important paces, according to two-time reigning Olympic dressage champion Charlotte Dujardin. “You can make them better through training, but you can’t alter them dramatically,” she adds. 

In a dressage test, as part of the collective marks, the judge will mark your horse’s paces. These are worth double (10 x 2), so being able to show them off at their best is crucial.

“Correct training will go a long way to producing a good horse – not how much you 
pay for him,” explains Charlotte. “My advice is to look for a horse with three good basic paces and a good temperament.” Here, we’ve got Charlotte’s top advice to help you eke out every mark you possibly can.

1. Let your horse move

Don’t restrict your horse with your position, in particular your hands. He needs to be able to feel he can move forwards freely to aid relaxation and impulsion. 

2. Build a partnership

Dressage should be harmonious and look as though the rider is doing nothing. You’ll only achieve this with correct training, where your horse is in front of your leg and carries himself.

3. Be disciplined

It’s all about repetition, correction and being strong with yourself. As a rider you need discipline – you can’t let bad habits happen. If you make bad transitions at home just because you’re lazy or not really thinking about it, you’re going to make bad transitions in a test situation as well. 

4. Is he listening?

Whatever movement you’re riding, your horse should stay listening to you and 
not take over. Always have in your mind that you must be in control of each and every step he takes. 

5. Don’t over-do it

It’s important not to overwork your horse, especially if he’s young. The aim is to have a happy, healthy and sound horse, so keep your schooling sessions short and vary his work so he’s not always in the school.

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