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Horse Riding Holidays

We offer horse riding holidays in the UK, Europe and beyond. Please choose an area of the World, or a ride category to find your perfect riding holiday!

African Safari

African Safari

To find the perfect African Horse Safaris look no further than Equestrian Escapes. We have a great choice of handpicked African Horse Safaris offering the very best horse riding holidays currently on offer in Africa. There is no better way to explore this spectacular continent than from the back of a horse. 


Off Beat African Safari


Wait a Little African Safari


Horse and Hippo Safari


Ride Zimbabwe Hwange Safari 


Ride Zimbabwe Mapopos Safari

Riding Holidays Iceland

Riding Holidays Iceland

This is a truely amazing country to visit - land of the midnight sun in summer and in the winter the land of fire and ice - with its geysers, hot springs, volcanoes and northern lights. In Iceland there are almost as many horses as there are people! They love their Icelandic ponies - a small and hardy breed that can carry adults has remained the only breed of horse in Iceland for centuries. They are especially known for their fifth gait - a tolt - this is a four beat gait which is like a running walk, it can be as fast as a canter and a very comfortable and smooth ride.