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Why Peaky Blinders should be on every rider’s watchlist

12 reasons why Peaky Blinders should be on every rider’s watchlist

1. It opens with top dog horse-loving gangster Tommy Shelby bareback riding through the streets of Birmingham. Hooked already.

2. There’s some lovely police horses – they are taking part in an early morning raid, which is slightly crucial to the plot, but plot aside, the police horses are definitely the highlight of that episode.


3. Mr Shelby decides to overrule his aunt and buy a racehorse. Good decision


4. Tattersalls, Epsom, Cheltenham — it’s like racing bingo.

5. May Charlton is not going to let being a woman stand in the way of holding a trainers’ licence #girlpower.


6. You’ll be diving for your Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship *spoiler: we can’t find anything about goldfish eating worm eggs in there either*.


7. Grooms are celebrated. The lovely Curly has a horse-like sense to know when danger is around the corner and loves the horses more than any of the humans.


8. It doubles as a history lesson in illegal betting — off-track betting shops were only legalised in 1960.

9. Mr Shelby diverts a family day out into a horse viewing. We can relate.

10. Tweed. Tweed everywhere.

11. Horses are a cause for bonding, especially when you find yourself in an awkward situation in an illegal gambling den.

12. Wooden horse as a Christmas present? Sigh. “I got Charlie a real horse, Lizzie. Not a toy.” Well said, Mr Shelby.