W is for Why take up horse riding

As people strive to lead healthier life styles their minds invariably wander back to the days when they enjoyed an outdoor sport. Memories of hockey and netball from school days often conjure up unpleasant scenes of cold and smelly changing pavilions, icy winds and over enthusiastic team member’s intent on flattening anyone standing between themselves and the goal. As the thoughts of rekindling interest in these honorable sports is quickly dismissed a number of us turn our attention back to what was for many their ‘first love!’, here I am not talking about the boy next door, I am talking about even before that…..yes horses! Immediately the images in our mind become much more enticing, the gentle brown eyes gazing at you across the stable door, the warmth of the soft fur coat as you entwine your fingers through a silky mane, the inviting smell of sweet meadow hay…….mmmmm

Having decided that you want to start horse riding again the next step is to start to realise your dream! You can either take a trip to your local riding school (check out The British Horse Society website for details of where to ride close to you) or you can choose to take a UK riding break (starts from 2 nights).We have a variety of short break riding holidays offering a mixture of lessons and hacking out suitable for beginner riders, refresher riders and for more experienced riders. For refresher riders we would suggest a riding holiday that includes a mixture of lessons and riding out to give you the best possible chance to regain confidence. The horse will recognize a confident rider and you will have much more fun hacking out when you are in complete control. The majority of breaks that we offer have a flexible attitude to guests meaning that programmes can be altered and tailored to suit your individual requirements. Ride sizes tend to be very small with lessons often being private and with hacking out being limited to less than a handful.

We recommend that you stay a minimum of two nights on your break to give yourself the chance to switch off from the pressures of modern day living and to actually allow yourself the time to relax, unwind and to open your mind to a different (and hopefully more beneficial) way of life. If you like the sound of combining a horse riding holiday with a little bit of sunshine then take a look at our horse riding offers in Spain.  Horse riding has been clinically proven to improve the health of mind and body so why not give it a try as one of your New Year Resolutions!


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