Equestrian Escapes Feature on Horse Smart 20 Of The Best Horse Blogs

We are delighted to be featured on Horse Smart's 20 Best Horse Blogs For 2018 

'Equine is a very specialist community; it holds a wealth of knowledge that needs to be understood should you wish to succeed. From learning to ride and understanding your horse, to knowing what to wear and how to care for the animal, it’s very hard to permanently obtain all of this yourself. Many people within the community are aware of this, therefore they set up blogs to share their own experiences and tips to the wider population, so that everyone can make riding, competing or training an enjoyable experience - as it should be!

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite horse blogs across the internet, which we think hold the most useful or engaging information for those searching for it. In no particular order, take a look at the twenty contenders here; you can follow all of your favourites on social media!''

Follow the link here to view the Top 20 Horse Blogs 


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