Call To Parliament To Action Firework Law

Call for action as MPs prepare to debate firework law - Horse & Hound 

Julie Doorne started both this petition and the 2015 appeal, which led to a parliamentary debate in 2016.

She is a founder member of the FAB fireworks abatement campaign group, which is calling for horse owners to lobby their MPs to ask them to attend the debate.

“It is not too late to let your MP know how you feel,” she told H&H.

“Even if you are lucky and your horses are not frightened by fireworks, please think of others."

“What we would really like is for the government to start collecting and collating actual figures.”

Campaign group Hope For Horses UK has allowed the campaign group to use the “write to your MP”.

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The tool allows supporters to easily search for their MP and has a template letter, which can be altered, informing them about the issue and asking them to attend the debate.

A total of 1,074 letters has been sent to MPs through the generator so far.

‘We need your help’: fireworks campaigners’ call for support

Members of the public can make a real difference, those behind the campaign believe


49 horses injured and 11 killed since 2010: the real cost of fireworks *warning: graphic images*

A petition calling for a ban on public use of fireworks has topped 104,500 signatures in five weeks.

In a 650-word response to the petition, the government stated there is “already a ban on the general public from purchasing fireworks with higher levels of risk and noise, and seasonal limitations on their sale”.

“The government believes that the current regulations strike the right balance between the enjoyment of fireworks by the public and restricting the sale and use of fireworks for public safety reasons,” it adds.

Figures from the British Horse Society (BHS) released following Bonfire Night 2017 show that 168 firework-related incidents have been reported to the charity since 2010.

“These figures are just the tip of the iceberg and in reality the number of horses injured or even killed is much higher,” said BHS director of safety Alan Hiscox at the time.

The debate will take place at 4.30pm and can be watched online at

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